Listen to Jon's Full Story on Chronic Pain Rewired

I've written a little about myself on this page...

However, the way I got to where I am today is anything but straight-forward. It's easier to understand by just listening to my story!

From Passion to Pain

One of my favorite activities since the age of about 4 was snow skiing. In 2002, I was a junior in high school and I was accustomed to taking the more difficult routes down the mountain.


This passion ended up leading me down a path of over 18 years of pain. I tumbled several hundred feet down a double-black diamond slope on the mountain at Durango, CO, broke my L5 vertebra in half, and my life changed forever.


The first year after that was pretty tough rehab, but I eventually got to a point where I could live my life.


However, the pain was never gone, and it slowly became worse over the next several years. . .


Spinal Fusion


By the time I was a junior in college, my back problems had worsened to the point that I was using two forearm crutches to get around.


I had to take a semester off college to get a spinal fusion. 


Unfortunately this ended up only serving as a temporary band aid for the pain I was going through.


The pain never fully went away, but I was able to walk again for quite some time. Within a few years I was going downhill quickly.


The pain was no longer located only in my back and lower body, and eventually became worse than before the surgery as a result of the lack of mobility in my fused spine and unresolved musculoskeletal and postural issues. . .

Further Disability

Over time these problems became so severe that I lost the ability to walk.


I was experiencing constant pain and severe muscles spasms in most of my body. I had severe carpal and ulnar tunnel syndromes that were resistant to tried and failed surgical intervention.


I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Complex Regional Pain Syndrome, PTSD, Conversion Disorder, and more. . . 


While I had no lack of diagnoses, what I couldn't find was a solution. I eventually dipped into a period of suicidal depression. . .


Initial Recovery with Posture Therapy


After almost three years in the wheelchair, the tides finally began to turn when I tried Posture Therapy for the first time.


I was diligent about doing these new exercises every day.

Two months later, I stood up unassisted for the first time in over three years!


My parents then hired a professional posture therapist to help guide me at that point and I started making quicker progress. Then I started studying to become a posture therapist two months after that. . .

Psychedelic Integration & Beyond


I eventually ran up against a wall and my progress halted.


What got me over this wall was my run in with psilocybin mushrooms and combining the psychedelic experience with my practice of posture therapy.


I experienced incredibly rapid progress from this point forward. A little over six months later I was pain free, competed in my first disc golf tournament, which was a 9 mile hike through the mountains, a certified posture therapist, and began building my new career.


To learn more beyond here, you'll have to listen to the podcast...

I've got my life back!

September 2022

I now live in Albuquerque, NM with my family. 


I've got a wonderful girlfriend, Victoria, and she is the light of my life.


I'm a member of the New Mexico Mycological Society where I can participate in expanding my love of all things fungal.


I'm an ordained minister within my church, Psanctuary, which is a sacred mushroom church operating in accordance with the Religious Freedom Restoration Act. 


I have released a book which defines a new style of psychedelic-assisted therapy named Posturedelic Therapy.


I currently offer this service online via video chat, but intensive retreats are in the works so stay tuned.

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