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Posturedelic Therapy isn't quite as much of a tongue-twister

The term “psychedelic” translates as “mind manifesting.”

Similarly, “posturedelic” can be translated to mean “alignment manifesting.”


Posturedelic Therapy combines corrective posture exercises, psychedelics, and other healing practices into an extensive holistic protocol designed to manifest improved alignment, form, and function.


Posturedelic Therapy can potentially lead a well-prepared participant to breakthrough improvements in many forms of treatment-resistant chronic pain.

Long story short? The school of hard knocks

The author studied engineering and computer science in college. However, losing his career to severe disability led him down a different path.


A desperate, impromptu experiment with psilocybin and posture therapy served as a breakthrough moment on his journey of recovery from nearly 20 years of chronic pain after injuring his back in a snow skiing accident as a teenager. In the years that followed he helped many people using non-psychedelic posture therapy, but he also had clients for whom posture therapy alone wasn't enough.


In Chapter Seven he tells the story of one of his clients who lost her battle with chronic pain by committing suicide. In the aftermath he became obsessed with discovering not only why adding psilocybin to the mix resulted in breakthrough improvements for him, but also how to safely replicate those results for other people.

It describes Posturedelic Therapy's alleged mechanism of action

Body schema models are what your brain uses to define exactly how your muscles move, including where they hold your bones when you're not paying attention (AKA your posture).


Usually, these models are rigid like granite.


Posture Therapy is designed to change these body schema models when performed consistently over time, like chipping away at a block of granite.


Psychedelics make these body schema models more pliable, like wet clay.


The Posturedelic Hypothesis states that doing posture therapy during a psychedelic experience can lead to instant, radical alterations to body schema models, leading to breakthrough decreases chronic pain via improved alignment and function.

Leave your blindfold and headphones with curated playlists on the couch. . . and get ready to MOVE!

In a complete paradigm shift from the standard models used in Western Psychedelic-Assisted Therapy, this technique is based on incorporating intelligently designed physical rehabilitation exercises with a focus on posture correction.


While some poses are held for extended periods of time rather than requiring constant movement, this style of psychedelic facilitation bears little resemblance to how most people are accustomed to using psychedelics.

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