World Class, Individualized Posture Therapy

Tried & true method that got me out of a wheelchair! 


I started my career providing world-class posture therapy after recovering from nearly two decades of chronic pain.


This mode of therapy not only served as the foundation of my recovery, it  serves as the practical foundation of Posturedelic Therapy.


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Posture Therapy Core Concepts

Joints found to be out of alignment upon visual inspection.


The three following concepts form the basis of posture analysis.

Joints that exhibit a restricted range of motion.


The joints that work too hard and move involuntarily to make up for dysfunctions.


Learn More About Posture Therapy

Posture Therapy corrects the root cause a huge number of chronic pain conditions.

When your body is out of alignment, it shows up as posture deviations. These happen because some groups of  muscles are doing their jobs wrong. Posture therapists refer to these muscles and joints as dysfunctional.


Dysfunctional joints have a restricted range of motion.


But your body functions as a single unit. When one subsystem (or muscle group/joint) is dysfunctional, another subsystem must compensate for that dysfunction. The compensating muscle groups essentially steal the movement from the dysfunctional muscle groups. This is called a compensation pattern.


Eventually, compensating muscles groups become dysfunctional in and of themselves, and another compensation pattern is recruited.


This domino effect of dysfunctions and compensations is responsible for a wide array of the most common chronic pain conditions.


Posture Therapy reverses these patterns in the body using an holistic approach to physical rehabilitation.


My YouTube channel, where I've uploaded about 100 exercise videos, is a great resource to get acquainted with posture therapy. Use the button below to visit my channel.

What Does an Initial Assessment Include?

Your 2-hour initial assessment will ensure that you and Jon have plenty of time to do the following:
  1. Review your medical history with you.
  2. Use a series of functional tests to determine an appropriate starting point of treatment.
  3. Develop a plan to move forward.
  4. Teach you the exercises you need to know and ensure you are doing them properly.

Your Initial Posture Assessment serves as the starting point for the rest of your Posturedelic Journey.

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