Keynote Presentations & Practical Workshops for Your Event


I've condensed my experiences from nearly two decades of severe chronic pain, working with hundreds of posture therapy clients, and my groundbreaking work with psychedelics to not only educate but also entertain your audience.

What kinds of events?

I can meet your needs for many kinds of events!
  • Conferences for psychedelic or chronic pain professionals
  • Mushroom Festivals or other educational psychedelic events
  • Corporate Retreats - Workshops to empower your employees to get out of pain with posture therapy they can do at their desks!
  • Social Clubs or other private organizations

Keynote Presentations

My keynote presentations aim to help psychedelic guides discover new techniques to empower their clients to find relief from chronic pain. In these presentations I talk about the theory behind my "Posturedelic Hypothesis," combining the psychedelic experience with Posture Therapy to target the root causes of many forms of chronic pain.

Topics covered include...

The Nature of Pain

Deep insights into the nature and experience of chronic pain from both a patient and practitioner point of view.

Mental health Impact 

Physical pain can cause mental health problems, and mental health problems can cause physical pain.

Posture Therapy

A huge number of pain conditions can be reversed by empowering people to repair their own musculoskeletal system.


By combining the psychedelic experience with posture therapy, we can alter the brain's models of body schema and achieve breakthrough results.

Workshops for Practical Application

My workshops put theory into practice, giving psychedelic guides the ability to start adding basic Posturedelic techniques to their toolbox to help their clients with chronic pain. This is a completely novel way of approaching the psychedelic experience, and can help people achieve breakthrough results by getting to the root of their pain. This is especially true when chronic pain has become entangled with mental health! 

Topics covered include...

Dosage & Duties

Facilitating these kinds of sessions requires different guidelines as compared to standard psychedelic therapy.

Posture Analysis 

Regimen Design

This is the data gathering phase of the process. In order to know what kinds of exercises might be used, posture analysis is key.

Designing a proper regimen to be implemented during a Posturedelic Session takes several factors into consideration.

Exercise Instruction

Proper execution of the exercises contained in a regimen is key to achieving breakthrough results!

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