Posturedelic Trip-Sitting Services

If you want to have a guided Posturedelic Session, my Trip-Sitting Services are the way to go! 

If you're curious about the Posturedelic Trip-Sitting Experience, this is the place for you!


I'll personally guide you through an entire Posturedelic Regimen that we've planned in advance.


This experience will combine Posture Therapy, meditation, and breathwork with the power of psychedelics (which you source on your own) to provide breakthrough healing experiences.

Posturedelic Online Trip-Sitting Services

Posturedelic Trip-Sitting 
(3 hours)


Posturedelic Trip-Sitting 
(6 hours)


Listen to My Podcast Episode Explaining the Posturedelic Hypothesis

This is a complex hypothesis based on a particular understanding of Neuroscience and the role that psychedelic compounds play in dismantling the less useful models of reality that our brains build for us. It really is easiest to just have a listen!


Before you can fully understand what the Posturedelic Hypothesis is, you need to understand how your brain builds these models of reality for you, and how these models may contribute to your experience of chronic pain.

How Online Posturedelic Trip-Sitting Works

Steps to take before you begin this journey

First things first, you absolutely must schedule a Posturedelic Regimen Planning Session before you can embark on this journey. The Regimen Planning Session is where we will decide on exactly what you'll do doing your Posturedelic Experience.


I also strongly recommend a Set & Setting Preparation Session if you don't have any previous psychedelic experience.


Scheduling at least one Integration Session is also strongly recommended. What people often find is that the experience leads to a profound new understanding of how their body works (and doesn't work). These integration sessions are where you can develop a better understanding of how to keep progressing after your Posturedelic Experience. 


There also needs to be a sober observer physically present with you during your experience in order for me to agree to guide you. Someone who can tend to any physical needs while you are in a given pose, as well as operate the communication device, and help with any other material needs is an absolute essential.


The core of the experience is executing your pre-planned and individualized Posturedelic Regimen. I'm simply there to guide you along the way, make any on-the-fly adjustments that make sense, and keep you on track.

Posturedelic Regimen Planning

We'll need to plan out what you'll do during your Posturedelic Experience. If you haven't scheduled a Posturedelic Regimen Planning Session yet, use the button below to do so now.

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